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On Saturday April 16, Veteran parents and their children came together, and volunteered at Eneida M. Hartner Elementary School in Miami, FL.

April is officially the Month of The Military Child, and the 16th is Global Youth Service Day, so The Mission Continues Miami Platoon partnered with Carnival Cruise Lines hosted an event in their honor.

Children help build boxes for a life sized chess board, painted pictures for a mural, and helped their veteran parents build a gazebo. The purpose of the gazebo is to provide shade for the Principals Reading Club during lunch time.

Upon completion of the project, children were presented skate boards and thanked for the sacrifice they provided to their veteran parents.

According to Edwin Vasco, Leader of the Mission Continues Miami platoon,

“We gave away skateboards to children of military in order to thank them for their sacrifice. Their love is unconditional, have nothing but admiration for their parents, and the sacrifice is a huge support when we are overseas”

Three out of the four combat hippies are former fellows, and active members of the Mission Continues Miami Platoon. They all have benefitted greatly from continuing to serve and encourage other veterans to get involved.

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