Miami, FL  March 10, 2016, Film Producer Ilan Arboleda adresses audience members during Q&A following the showing of Thank You For Your Service.


The term, “Thank you for your service”, is commonly used to show a service member gratitude; however, a new documentary film of the same name shows that veterans are in need of much more.


On Thursday March 10, 2016, Veterans and members of the community attended a showing of Thank You for Your Service. As a part of Miami International Film Festival, this documentary showcases the lives of several former service men, and highlights the serious issues they are facing after war.


Although the films producer, Ilan Arboleda, is not a veteran he feels passionate about those who serve. According to Ilan,


“We might have an opinion on war or what the meanings of these wars are, but ultimately we are saying that if we are going to go to war, you better make sure you make sure the people willing to die for you are taken care of”


In the film, they discuss military mental health and highlight the need for a Behavioral Health Corps. Currently the Department of Defense does not have Psychology, Psychiatry, and Social Work collaborating as a team. This lack of cooperation is causing many veterans not to receive the proper care which may be causing problems such as high suicide rates, substance abuse, and Post-Traumatic Stress.


“The American public needs to see what these horrors of war are”, said Arboleda.


“Thank You for Your Service” not only raises awareness for the horrors of war, the film offers a solution: Once you enter the site, the first thing you can do is sign a petition indicating you support the establishment of the Behavioral Health Corps.


The Combat Hippies fully support this movement because a portion of the show, Conscience Under Fire, contains a piece entitled “Thank You for Your Service”. Check the video out below to see how the message is parallel to that of the film.

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